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  here’s my story…

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I LOVE being continually driven to seek new levels of courage, test my limits, and step out in faith!

I’ve walked through many unfamiliar and often risky doors of opportunity that launched me into several challenging roles. From an international singer and entertainer, to years of being on the executive team of a national corporation, and from being an investor and top producer in the real estate industry, to my most recent role as a business owner and CEO of a corporate staffing and recruiting firm. 

As a Christ-centered entrepreneur, I have relied on GOD’S strength every step of the way, and I have learned to be an expert in igniting my GOD-GIVEN GRIT!



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In my musical journey, I spent many passionate hours and years practicing piano and vocals to achieve one of my BIG dreams! Traveling and singing professionally as an international  entertainer.


The biggest regret will not be what we FAILED AT, but what we FAILED TO DO.”

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In my business journey, I’ve created jobs for hundreds of employees, and I’ve been blessed to help many people achieve success in their lives both personally and professionally. 

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In every challenging season in my life, I kept going and I did NOT give up. I learned how to ignite GRIT on a deeper level, and I’ve used it in powerful ways to enrich every area of my life. 

Now, as founder of GRIT Business & Success Training, it is exciting to expand my reach online and to develop programs and resources with a focus on these GRIT based principles. Specific tools and strategies that will equip and empower you to achieve new levels of success and lead a powerful, high impact life!




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