Personal & Professional Development Strategies

Personal & Professional Development Strategies



I’m Melissa, and I LOVE being continually driven to strengthen my “self-talk”, reach new levels of courage, test my limits, and KEEP stepping out in faith!

As a Christian entrepreneur and a woman of faith, I have relied on GOD’S strength in me to walk through bold doors of opportunity. Each door launched me into a new and challenging role in my business journey. From an international singer and entertainer, to years of being on the executive team of a national corporation, and from being a top producer and investor in the real estate industry, to my most recent role as a business owner & CEO of a corporate staffing and recruiting firm.

Through it all, I’ve learned the power and importance of staying focused on daily self-talk, and staying aware of how much it impacts EVERY part of life!

I have been passionate about formulating my own self-talk methods for many years, and I have developed a special “system” that has been profoundly effective. It has been key in moving me into higher levels of achievement, personally & professionally.

It has most exciting to share some of my strategies to help other women develop and strengthen their own self-talk, and to achieve more success in their career, business, ministry, and life!

My upcoming book will reveal my powerful self-talk “system” and unique methods that I believe will be transformational and life-changing for others too! 



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 Melissa Holy doing a business motivational training presentation sharing powerful success revelations.

Melissa Holy is a former owner and CEO of a California based staffing & recruiting firm, and the founder of GRIT Business and Success Training. She has designed and provided personal & professional development programs on many levels and in a wide variety of industries, including:

  • Corporate Management & Executive Training
  • Sales and Marketing (Real Estate Industry)
  • Motivational and Team-building Programs 
  • Success Principles – Personal & Professional Development
  • Developing Courage & Grit for Success
  • Job Readiness & Career Building Skills
  • Self-Talk Strategies For Success 
  • Community Education / Job Training
  • Leadership Principles
  • Professional Image 
  • Company Training & Procedures For Office Staff As A Business Owner
  • Programs & Procedures Specific To The Hiring & Processing Of Her Own Employees
  • Christian Women’s Ministry Development

Customer Service Training & Expertise


Melissa Holy training audience for GRIT Business and Success Training with powerful business revelations..


With over 30 years of experience in high level customer service, Melissa has been passionate about sharing her business revelations for creating a powerful service mindset.

In her corporate career, she received the prestigious Service Excellence Award from Norwest Mortgage Inc, where she was recognized as a role model and leader in the field of customer service.

Melissa believes a service mindset is the driving force in building a quality career, business, and in achieving customer success. Because of this, she developed game-changing training specific to this highly influential area.


Melissa Holy speaking at Grit Business and success training event sharing success revelations.

Melissa’s speaking presentations often merge her business expertise with her musical background, to create her own unique “edu-tainer” style. She creatively weaves in musical references, a quick song line, or music trivia to engage the audience and bring key points to life. It not only makes it a memorable experience, but it boosts learning as it moves and connects people in a way that words cannot.

“Music can pierce the heart directly; it needs no mediation.”

~ Oliver Sacks


“It is rare that a speaker makes such a lasting impression but Melissa has done just that. Melissa’s presentation was insightful, engaging, and most importantly inspiring. She was able to rouse and galvanize the audience to fervor! Feedback from the event and especially her performance was overwhelmingly positive. Her musical talents and speech delivery are poetry in motion, there’s no other way to describe that feeling.” -S.T. 


“She captivates the audience and leaves them wanting more. She brings an effective understanding to her topics. Her ability to connect with people is beautiful to watch. I thoroughly enjoy listening to her speak and I love it when she weaves her musicality into her message. I highly recommend Melissa Holy as a speaker. She will motivate you and move you to be better than you are today.” -D.V.


“Melissa’s genuine desire to help people succeed and thrive is evident, whether in personal relationships or presenting to large audiences. She captures your attention with her easy-going style, as she incorporates her musical talent, intellect and humor, to deliver life changing information.” -K.R.








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