Personal & Professional Development Strategies

Personal & Professional Development Strategies




Learn Powerful SELF-TALK STRATEGIES To STOP Your Inner Critic And BOOST Your Success!


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Are You Holding Back Your Own Success?

Do Negative Thoughts Or Overthinking Sabotage Your Career, Business, Or Life At Times?

Is Your Self-Talk Working FOR You, Or AGAINST You?


How Self-Talk Affects You

Everything You Say To Yourself Matters!

When you slip into negative thinking and allow your inner critic to creep in, before you know it, it starts damaging your confidence, your courage, and your motivation!  You self-sabotage when you start on the path of focusing on the wrong things. It will slowly but surely tear you down.


What’s Self-Talk?

The way you talk to yourself INSIDE and OUTSIDE. Self-talk develops out of your thoughts, questions, ideas, and experiences. It affects and shapes your feelings, moods, decisions, actions, and behavior.  Your self-talk influences and builds your patterns, your habits, and your life day by day!  So here’s the big question… what are you talking yourself into, and what are you talking yourself out of?




I’m Melissa Holy

I help women REVOLUTIONIZE their self-talk with simple and effective strategies and techniques to develop new habits! It’s more than simply quieting negative chatter, it’s about learning how to powerfully speak to and influence yourself.  Learning to use techniques that will actually form and shape your own thinking and self-talk!

Why Self-Talk Matters

Your self-talk builds your sense of self from the inside-out! It impacts your thoughts, your brain, and your emotions. Your self-talk affects how you move and EVERYTHING you do.  It can either strengthen you or weaken you, based on if it is positive or negative. When you begin to really pay attention to how you are thinking and operating in life, you will start to make your self-talk work FOR YOU to create a more powerful life! 


Self-Talk And Stress

Your self-talk determines the quality of your life! Your thoughts  about yourself, and your circumstances, have a BIG impact on your mood, stress level, and behavior.  But the truth is, there is no voice more influential in your life than your own. You just have to take control of that powerful voice by learning how to master your self-talk!


Self-Talk And The Brain

Have you ever wondered how you could go from feeling so strong, capable, and ready to change the world one day… to feeling weak, vulnerable, and unworthy the next day? Your own mind questions you and quickly points out every reason that you should feel inadequate, unqualified, and less than enough.  But with the RIGHT strategies and tools, you will be more aware and quick to respond. In all the ups and downs of life, you will WIN the battles in your self-talk!


Imagine If You Could:

Master Your Self-Talk To Build Confidence

  Have More Freedom & A Healthier Lifestyle
Less Stress & More Success
Gain Control Over Your Habits
 Accelerate Your Career Success 
Make More Money
Increase Your Happiness, Confidence, And Resilience


Master Your Self-Talk And Motivation

Have More Energy
Higher Productivity
Better Clarity & Focus
Master Skills Faster, Easier, and With More Proficiency
Consistently Motivate & Encourage Yourself!
 Ace Time Management
Achieve More Of Your Personal & Professional Goals!
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“When there is not a wall of empowering self-talk, a fighting spirit, and deep inner strength…efforts can crumble.”

 Your self-talk can move mountains! But it’s the condition of your self-talk that will determine how quickly you will get from Point A to Point B in all you set out to do! When you master self-talk techniques that will empower you, it will give you the ability to shift destructive thinking patterns quickly!  These are methods you can use the rest of your life and keep building on!


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Does Self-Talk Really Work?

“If you set out to do anything significant in life, there will always be voices trying to hold you back. Just make sure it’s not your own!”


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