Author, Speaker, Self-Talk Strategist

Author, Speaker, Self-Talk Strategist


Delivering unrivaled self-mastery tools, “Signature Self-Talk” is sparking excitement with simple yet high-impact strategies for success, including self-guided visualization and other techniques to fast-track goal achievement.

Along with inspiring stories and life-changing principles, you will learn the 4-Step DARE System, an action plan for creating dynamic, personalized self-talk messages.

“Signature Self-Talk” highlights the extraordinary influence built into the human voice, revealing how using your signature sound is an absolute game-changer.

Ultimately, you will discover that your “Signature Self-Talk” is your masterpiece to create, and this enlightening book will lead the way in showing you how to do it!

More than a temporary boost, this book teaches skills for a lifetime.






Master Your Self-Talk

Build Your Faith  

Achieve Your goals

Produce The Results You Want In Life!



A trailblazer at heart, Melissa Holy dares to break new ground with her unique perspective on leveraging self-influence to frame thinking, optimize behavior, and infuse motivation. As a faith-driven entrepreneur and the former owner and CEO of a California-based staffing and recruitment firm, she is an expert in helping others multiply their impact and ignite success in their careers, businesses, ministries, and lives.



Melissa is an author and speaker with specialized programs and resources dedicated to mastering the art of influencing yourself. Focused on equipping ambitious individuals to use self-talk techniques as a powerful tool to inspire transformation, build faith, and achieve goals, she’s sparking excitement with her simple yet high-impact strategies for success.



Into A Powerful Tool For Success

Melissa Holy arms raised in moment of courage, grit, determination and success revelations.


DARE to Revolutionize 

The Way You Talk To,

Influence, and

Encourage Yourself 

It’s no secret that how you talk to yourself is the make-or-break factor in your health and happiness, work and achievements, and overall success in life. It’s time to turn your self-talk into your greatest asset and strongest ally!

When you take control of your thoughts, you can set yourself up to succeed, sharpen your self-awareness, and build self-confidence, motivation, fitness, income, good habits, and anything else you can imagine. This is the personal development book you’ve been waiting for! 

What you will learn:

  • How to build the solid foundation you need to thrive no matter what life may bring so you can keep consistently moving toward your goals.
  • Why your self-talk matters and how to use it as a powerful force to stay motivated, face pressure, redirect your focus, think independently, and strengthen your faith.
  • How to influence yourself and your actions and quickly spark new energy to create momentum in every area of your life.
  • How to encourage your personal success so you can talk yourself through any challenge and into triumph.
  • How to build your signature system so you can create dynamic, personalized self-talk messages to inspire any transformation you desire.

God designed your voice to hold the ultimate influence over your life. Learn to harness and leverage that power to create and live your best life. 

Unleash your true potential as you MASTER THE ART OF INFLUENCING YOURSELF! 


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