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Stay Strong INSIDE, Live Powerfully OUTSIDE!

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I’m Melissa…


As a CEO in the staffing industry, I’ve been passionate about helping people succeed, keeping careers vibrant, and helping businesses stay strong. Now, I’ve created LIVING THE GRIT LIFE! Specially designed to help you think strong and stay focused on your important goals. 

You’ll get practical tips, and strategies that will challenge and empower you as you build your career or business. You will discover techniques to help you stand strong under pressure and tools to boost your confidence and grit! It’s all part of Living the GRIT Life!

From an international singer and entertainer to a staffing firm CEO,  here’s my story!

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Today, building and KEEPING strong courage and grit is more important than ever. In challenging times, overwhelm, and facing tough decisions in our careers, businesses, and lives, it is easy to become seriously depleted on the INSIDE. 


When you KEEP YOURSELF STRONG, you position yourself for SUCCESS, and you influence everybody and everything around you.

You can CHOOSE right now to start refocusing on your inner strength, your courage and grit muscles, and taking action to build a more powerful foundation INSIDE.

 Living the GRIT Life


Designed for career and business strengthening, personal growth, faith building, to motivate, and to boost inner strength and success. Get Ready It’s Time to breathe NEW life, energy, and power into your goals!

I care about helping you STAY STRONG INSIDE, so you can live powerfully OUTSIDE!

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 The “Dynamic Duo”


COURAGE gets you into action and GRIT will keep you going! Together they produce a RARE & POWERFUL inner-strength that can take you FURTHER, FASTER, and STRONGER than ever! 

photo of melissa holy excited with arms raised in victory as she is strong and courageous
Photo of rocks piled with key at the top representing unlocking your courage and grit so you can be strong and courageous

Certainly, there are so many things in life you can’t control, but developing and using your courage and grit is well within your control. In fact, you are the ONLY one who can UNLOCK it!

YOU can stand strong


under pressure


and BE




Truly, life will never be the same once you intentionally set your focus on building up and KEEPING your courageous spirit and mighty heart STRONG! As a result, you will break through barriers that try to hold you back. Best of all, you will discover your TRUE GRIT and what you are really capable of, as you press forward into all God designed you to be! Living the GRIT life is living a GREAT life!

Use Your Powerful Inner-strength  

Above all,  we can choose to BE strong & courageous and USE the powerful inner-strength God gives us every day. Therefore, we can rise to opportunity in a dynamic new way and live our best life when we recognize, use, stretch, and BUILD our courage and grit!

Be Strong and Courageous!

Joshua 1:9 “Be strong and courageous. Don’t be afraid; don’t be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” 

Follow me in my GRIT Journey!

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