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5 Steps To Build Stronger Courage and Grit

5 Steps To Build Stronger Courage and Grit

One of the most difficult and soul-consuming battles we face from day to day, is the struggle between the person we would like to be, and the individual we are. 

Daily living sweeps us away in busy activities and distractions that shape our life. We spend endless time and effort focused on keeping our OUTSIDE world in balance.

Meanwhile, we steal precious time and attention away from our INNER world.  You know, the same inner world that is the core strength to keep EVERYTHING on the OUTSIDE in motion.  So, when a moment of crisis hits in life, you search for the courage you need. But because it’s rarely been used, it sits starved and weak. All too quickly, that old default response, FEAR, kicks into action. After all, it’s been used all too often and is well-fed.

Young or old, rich or poor, we will ALL have times when our courage is called into action. Do you know what will rise up in you?