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Hello Fall! How To Come Out Of September Strong

Hello Fall! How To Come Out Of September Strong


September ushered in the first days of Autumn, and we welcome the colorful season of pumpkins, hot cider, and warm sweaters! But even more, there’s just something special about the month it all begins, in September.

Why does September always seem to be a month of beginnings or endings that can impact us so powerfully? It can shift our circumstances, the people around us, and the things we care about the most. Beyond the shorter days, crisper air, and pumpkin spice lattes, September often demands an extra measure of focus and strength. Not only is it a month that kicks off a season of change, but a season that almost always changes us.

Fall season can set off emotional triggers that can deplete us, or make us stronger! There has never been a better time to focus on coming out of September, STRONG!


September brings leaves in autumn as we say hello to fall


Remember when we were young? September was that time of year we had to leave the joy and freedom of summer behind and head back to school. After we grew up, it was our turn to send our kids back to school in the fall. Then, the day finally arrives when our kids grow up and leave us to move off to college or a job. It truly gives new meaning to the term “autumn leaves.” Of course, it usually always happens in, you guessed it, September! The month shifting us into new schedules, activities, and heart moving goodbyes.

Some of the most emotionally charged moments of our year land in this highly transitional month. Maybe that’s why there are so many songs written about September. From the classic September Song back in old Frank Sinatra days, to the infamous September by Earth Wind and Fire, which can still ignite a crowd today! There seems to be a sensitivity for this unique month that launches change in so many ways.


Woman in brown coat celebrating being September strong


Saying hello to fall, and the many challenges it brings, makes it the perfect time to focus on building mental muscle. Opportunities abound to develop deeper inner strength. Fall is a prime new season to activate more of your faith and courage. It can be a season to actually test your resiliency and grit, and WIN. It all starts with coming out of September, STRONG!

September may have commenced one of the steepest parts of the hill for the year, but it can lead you to a glorious mountaintop with fresh strength and clearer vision. Moreover, you can become your own trailblazer as you set a path to build on and travel again and again. Each time, each season, saying hello to fall with more power, wisdom, and tools than the season before.

As fall approaches every year, you can set your sights on, and look forward to, becoming September Strong! To see what you really have inside you! Embracing your courage and grit in a new way to carry you through all the “autumn leaves” and challenges, and launch you powerfully into the months ahead.


red maple leaves in September as a new season begins


There truly is a time and a season for everything. Every year, with the start of autumn, my beautiful harvest wreath comes out of storage and graces my front door. A colored ribbon with the word “thankful” is the finishing touch. It’s my special tradition, and it always reminds me of Galatians 6:9, “Let us not become weary in doing good, for in due season we will reap a harvest, if we do not give up.” 

As farmers prepare their fields, we can prepare our minds. We can exercise and build up the muscle controlling our focus. Set a plan of action that will spark our attention and lead us to learn or grow in a new and specific way. We can set a mental strength challenge or goal that will help us activate and build our courage and grit muscles. These actions will help us measure and assess how we grew stronger this fall, handled extra pressure, and how it changed us.


September pumpkins and harvest time


What we plant this fall season can result in an amazing harvest ahead. It can become a dynamic season of growth and progress, if that’s the significance we attach to it. It can set off a new tradition of building our strength and resolve, if that’s the focus we invest in it. And THIS fall can change our life far beyond a season, if that’s the power we give it.

We still have the chance to create something extraordinary from the legacy of 2020. This is the time like no other, to come out of September, STRONG!


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