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Living My Purpose Driven Life

I LOVE being continually driven to seek new levels of courage, test my limits, and step out in faith! Certainly these traits have strengthened me and have served me well as an entrepreneur for over 20 years. I remember feeling determined early in life. I wanted to live a purpose driven life, and I truly believed ALL things were possible.

Developing Grit

I spent many passionate hours on the piano growing up, teaching myself how to play and sing the “cool” music. As a result, my talent developed into a professional career as an international musical entertainer. Likewise, becoming the owner and CEO of an employment staffing firm came after many years of hard work to develop critical business skills. In other words, it has and will always be, an ongoing BUILDING process. In my purpose driven life, I’ve pressed through MANY challenging seasons, but in each experience (good, bad, and ugly), God used it to strengthen my COURAGE and GRIT!

photo of melissa holy at piano as singer and international entertainer in her purpose driven life
Photo of open bible and cup of coffee on table. Gaining FAITH for a purpose driven life!

Taking a Leap of Faith

 I have taken some scary leaps of faith in my life, and was faced with one of those tough decisions in 2013. An opportunity opened up to acquire an employment staffing company. It was an exciting prospect, but to clarify, it came with some BIG risks and challenges. 

But somehow, deep inside, I knew that if I did not try, I would always wonder. Maybe, I would always regret missing the door God opened and what it could have brought to my life. So, I took a DEEP breath and moved forward in FAITH! I believed I could work HARD and learn quickly!

The biggest regret will not be what we FAILED AT, but what we FAILED TO DO.”

  • – Melissa Holy

Becoming Stronger and More Courageous

After that, I was on a SERIOUS learning curve to balance all aspects of running the business. Success or failure, I kept going and did NOT give up. Meanwhile, I actually reached a new level of grit I didn’t even know I had in me! As a completely self-funded business, I was responsible for 6-figure monthly payrolls and hundreds of my own employees!

With perseverance and the grace of God, I went on to many years of ownership, and I remained completely self-funded, debt-free, and profitable. Above all, it was a PRICELESS gift to learn more about my STRENGTH than I ever thought possible.

photo of melissa holy cheering living a purpose driven life
GRIT Business and success training logo. Helping others to live their purpose driven life.

Strength and Success

In my journey, it has been so rewarding to create many jobs and help a lot of people to succeed in their lives, careers, and businesses. While engaging with thousands of job candidates and business professionals, I could see that it was challenging for people to stay strong, driven, and motivated INSIDE, when facing the sometimes long road to success. Whether building their career, running a business, becoming an entrepreneur, or in their personal goals. Because of this, a new passion ignited in me to start my own training business. I had developed many tools and strategies that have not only helped me, but have created success for countless individuals. I wanted to help people STAY strong INSIDE so they could live POWERFULLY on the OUTSIDE! 

Feeling led to make the change and begin expanding my reach, I took a new leap of faith. In short, I transitioned out of staffing and into designing my new personal & professional development company in the online marketplace. 

So, my Blog, Living the GRIT Life, delivers tips, ideas and strategies from a faith driven perspective, while my GRIT Training Business offers personal & professional development programs, videos, speaking presentations, and much more to come! (Including upcoming courses and products).

To sum up, I am dedicated to being “ALL-IN” and making a positive difference!

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