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I Dare You! Extreme Selfies vs. Extreme Success

I Dare You! Extreme Selfies vs. Extreme Success


How do you react when someone says… I dare you! Usually, when someone throws a challenge our way, it sparks something inside of us, right? Challenges can come in every imaginable form. But the most daring challenges we will ever face, may be the ones we create within ourselves.

What do extreme selfies and extreme success have in common? They both rise out of brave action. But it’s where they ultimately lead that makes them so profoundly different.  


brave woman daring to climb out on edge of steep rocks on cliff

It’s fascinating that some people can find powerful courage to climb up on towers or hang off of steep mountain ledges. They press past fear, stare danger straight in the face, and test the limits of common sense. Somewhere deep down, they find the motivation and drive to pull off incredibly DARING things, with one goal in mind… to get the perfect SELFIE!

It seems that the more creative people get, the more it challenges others to up the ante. Even to the point that selfie fatalities are on the rise. People long to make their mark doing something never done before. It’s their way of standing out and being remembered. They go to great lengths to create a breathtaking pose that will produce the highest shock value.

But I began to wonder, where does all of that extreme courage go after they conquer and capture that one remarkable moment in time? How can those extreme risk takers set their MIND and their COURAGE on performing a ridiculously wild stunt, but yet, many will not have a powerful enough mindset to achieve their goals in life?


business man and woman focused on extreme goals and achievement

According to recent studies, 92% of people do not achieve their goals. While so many people may start out strong in their thinking, it seems it can quickly shift into taking the path of LEAST resistance.

Only a small percentage of people actually write down their goals. It’s stunning since it has been proven time and again, that the simple act of writing down our goals dramatically opens up the power, potential, and possibility of achieving it! That ONE simple act. Remarkably, it’s also an act that is considerably easier than hanging off of a bridge or walking up to a wild animal. Even so, I will bet that there are more people thinking about SELFIES right now, than thinking about their goals.

It stirs the imagination to think, what if all of that mega energy, mega courage, and outrageous creativity going into all of those EXTREME SELFIES was directed into setting actual goals and into daring EXTREME SUCCESS? 


woman at desk writing brave goals for extreme success

Now, I realize that most of you aren’t daredevils or focused on staging insane selfies. But you will still encounter brave and sometimes risky experiences of your own. The question is, are you capitalizing on your courageous moments and using them to full potential? What comes out of YOUR brave or daring moments? Have they helped you to develop more grit? Are they furthering your success? 

I not only challenge you, I dare you to not allow your courage to veer onto a path of least resistance! You can capitalize on your courage when you build on it, keep it going, and move it into the RIGHT kind of bold actions. Writing out and tracking your goals, taking calculated risks, and joining those that are on that road less traveled to achievement. These actions all start with brave thinking. Brave thinking that develops out of daring moments that have reinforced and strengthened your mindset. A mindset that grows powerful enough to stand the test of time. 

Crazy stunts aside, everyone has a choice in how they will make their mark in this world. It may be a daring selfie for some, but when you dare to take consistent action and stay the course in your life goals, you can have a LIFETIME of selfies, from adventure, contribution, achievement, and EXTREME success! Now THAT is a risk worth taking!


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