Author, Speaker, Self-Talk Strategist

Author, Speaker, Self-Talk Strategist

How To Control Emotions In The Workplace

How To Control Emotions In The Workplace

Every day, doors open and doors close in jobs and business relationships. A key factor in these important opportunities is how well we use our communication skills. We all build valuable experience from every job we hold, at any age and at any stage of life. Truly, the bottom line is that each experience refines the way we handle ourselves. 

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Just like you, my collection of skills developed out of many past experiences. At the corporate level, I learned about time management and teamwork. The sales industry taught me the importance of top-level customer service, but it also taught me some valuable, but really difficult lessons in handling rejection. When I finally reached owning my own business, I had the opportunity to take all the pieces of my career knowledge, and use them in leadership as a CEO. 

When you want to do well in your job and build your career, every relationship is important and every experience matters. You have to guard your words, attitude, and responses, because a damaged business relationship can potentially impact your future success.

2 business women sitting at a table in an interview discussion.

I remember a job applicant that came into my office one day. She carefully described her current work situation and told me about her extremely demanding boss. She said, “you know, we have a camera right above us, facing our desks, and the boss watches us and questions every move we make, all day long.”  She explained how the working conditions were getting more uncomfortable every day, and she had to make a change. 

What really stood out was her tact and control until she could exit the position with dignity and professionalism. Even though it was a difficult situation, she was determined that she was not going to burn any bridges. She handled herself well, stayed in control, and finally went on to a much better opportunity and greater success. 

Whether it’s interactions with a boss, a co-worker, or a customer, no job is perfect. There will be some challenging moments. But you can take steps to plan ahead and be determined to stay in control, and to master your thoughts and emotions. 

THINK AHEAD AND BE PREPARED FOR PRESSUREWoman standing with hand on her chin thinking and preparing how to handle pressure on the job.

To be ready to face workplace challenges, here’s what you can do:

1. Begin by deciding, in advance, the best ways you can handle pressure, conflict, or difficult situations when they come up. When you are prepared and have a clear intention and strategy, you will not be forced to formulate a response in the spur of the moment. There is danger in not being prepared when emotions are running hot and your thinking may not be clear. It is very easy to “react” or even “over react,” rather than having a measured response. 

When you take the time to think ahead and focus specifically on what you can do when stressful moments develop, you can stay on your “A” game. When you stay in control, you make your best decisions, and you can be a positive influence to the situation. Picture how you might lead when tensions flare or problems surface. How you can speak, remain calm, and stand strong in handling it. Visualize yourself being an effective communicator and a problem solver.

BE EQUIPPED WITH THE RIGHT ATTITUDEbusiness woman at computer visualizing how to control emotions in the workplace.

2. We all know that people in the work environment may be demanding at times. When these situations develop, it will require extreme dedication on your part to be equipped with the right tone, the right attitude, and the right response. Perceptions form quickly, therefore, you want to do everything possible to positively impact rather than negatively impact the situation. The goal is to create positive outcomes in every situation. Proverbs 16:23 says “Intelligent people think before they speak; what they say is then more persuasive.”

TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONSsmiling woman on the phone at work building influence and success on the job.

3. What you say and do in the workplace can make or break the reputation you are working hard to build. When you master your thoughts and emotions, you are not only taking responsibility for yourself, but for your work relationships, your level of influence, and your future success. In fact, it’s not just a valuable skill in business, it’s a powerful way to live every part of your life.

I hope this inspires some new ideas for you to use in building your career. Make sure to check out GOING ABOVE AND BEYOND IN THE WORKPLACE for more job strategies and success tips to rock your career! Leave any questions in the comments below and remember to SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE!




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