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Author, Speaker, Self-Talk Strategist

Going Above and Beyond At Work

Going Above and Beyond At Work


Going Above and Beyond At Work ~ The Hidden Secrets

When you go ABOVE AND BEYOND, you dare to give more, do more, and be more in your life and in your career. When you care enough to carry this powerful attitude into all you do, SUCCESS is sure to follow!

After many years in the staffing industry, I have a few secrets to share with you about making that extra effort to go above and beyond. 


In our job or in life, I understand that sometimes we don’t FEEL like going above and beyond. You might think, what’s the point? Why SHOULD you have to do more than is required? Sometimes, especially if you’re frustrated at your job or with your boss, you might FEEL like it’s all for THEM!

Sharpening Your Mind and SkillsWoman in yellow hard hat working in an industrial job

But I can assure you, it absolutely DOES make a difference. Quite possibly, in more ways than you’ve ever realized. What I really want you to know is that it is a high performance habit that actually shapes YOU! It’s all the brilliant things YOU BECOME as you practice that mindset. It’s a powerful force because it stirs up your own creativity and expands your own thinking. It develops new strength in YOU, as you engage and start to LOOK for all the possible ways you can go above and beyond in your actions.

Whatever your line of work, however big or small the task is, there are important points to consider. When you set out to exceed expectations, you sharpen your thinking and you become a BETTER problem solver. It is actually building skills and strengthening muscles that will produce MORE success for you in the future.

It fires up ENTERPRISING ideas, sparking your innovation, and best of all, it trains your mind to aim for HIGH QUALITY CONTRIBUTION. It really is an INVALUABLE HABIT you form and create within yourself, through repetition and conscientious effort. And the more action you take, the more it will ignite in YOU!

Regardless of generation, field of work, or level of skill, the ABOVE AND BEYOND MINDSET has no limits or boundaries. A person cleaning toilets can act on this powerful drive, just as well as a senior executive behind a desk. A 16 year old worker at a fast food restaurant can ROCK it just as a top salesman in a company can. The world is filled with incredible stories of success that developed out of this ONE character trait. It shows up in acts, big or small, and it all starts from WITHIN.

Your Purpose and Impact

Happy woman at computer desk reads work documents

It honestly does separate you from the crowd. But you know what, even if nobody ever notices, it really comes down to ONE THING, what it accomplishes in YOU. What YOU become in the process. It all works towards an important purpose, and it WILL impact where you are going. It WILL come back to you in more ways than you could ever imagine! There are so many stories I could tell you of those who were noticed and rewarded for this one character trait. Countless examples of amazing opportunities that opened, promotions that were won, and careers that were changed!

Even more, YOU have complete control over creating it, and YOU have control over HOW and WHEN you use it. The more excited you get about going above and beyond, and the more passion you put into it, will determine the results and successful outcome you get FROM it!

Becoming a person who CONSISTENTLY cares about going above and beyond starts in your own heart and mind. You put the drive into it, and it’s YOU that attaches the meaning and purpose FOR it. And best of all, YOU will reap the lifelong benefits FROM it! I promise, it WILL rock your career and your life!

Owning Your Attitude and Career Development

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Being proactive in going above and beyond in your ACTIONS and YOUR ATTITUDE becomes part of your personality, how you perform, and it establishes your reputation. Even more importantly, it’s a standard of excellence YOU SET and come to expect of yourself. It’s a wise investment and a deposit into your future. You can carry it proudly wherever you go and into WHATEVER you do.

To sum it all up, I believe it’s a powerful inner strength God gives you to develop and USE honorably, generously, creatively, and OFTEN! It builds greatness in you, positively impacts others, sets an example, and will lead to greater success ahead! It is a force you hold in your own hands, that will change the dynamic of everything you do. Because if you are faithful in the SMALL things, you WILL be given MORE.


I hope this inspires NEW ideas for you to use in your life and your career. Watch for Part 2 coming up next in this series: How To Control Emotions In The Workplace. Remember to like, subscribe, comment and share!

Drop me a comment and let me know YOUR thoughts. What is the greatest act of going above and beyond you’ve done in your career?


Melissa Holy, a former CEO in the staffing industry, has been dedicated to the success of individuals in their careers and businesses. Now, as the founder of GRIT Business & Success Training, and the author of Living the GRIT Life Blog, she provides strategies, insight, and motivation to continue her passion of helping people build success personally and professionally. Visit MELISSAHOLY.COM to find out more about staying strong INSIDE, to live powerfully OUTSIDE.

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